The Fractionally Lens Array

The headline says it all. The Fractionally Lens Array is a breakthrough diffractive lens enabling skin revitalization with virtually no downtime not possible with any other laser platform.

Through a unique mechanism of action, Fractionally Lens precisely redistributes and delivers 694nm energy to the skin. Both high and low intensity energy lightens and clears unwanted pigment while the high energy creates laser-induced optical breakdowns (LIOBs) in the epidermis.

These LIOBs are intra-epidermal cavitations that form so quickly they create pressure waves that impact surrounding cells, activating cell signaling and initiating an enhanced inflammatory healing response.

As the LIOB is located intra-epidermally courtesy of 694, there is less risk for side effects from energy passing through the dermoepidermal junction. This elegant epidermal interaction leads to increased collagen and elastin production in the dermis for a unique revitalization effect not seen in any other device.

Patients treated with Fractionally Lens experience only a few hours of mild redness with pigment, wrinkle, and acne scar results comparable to more aggressive technologies after a recommended series of treatments.


  • Safe and highly effective
  • Minimal discomfort or pain, treatment feels as if a warm ballpoint pen is drawing on your skin
  • Little or no side effects, no injury to surrounding skin because it works mechanically rather than thermally by inducing a pressure wave of light energy, it doesn’t burn through the skin like most other lasers do.
  • Requires fewer treatments than ablative or CO2 lasers
  • Removes skin imperfections