Laser tattoo removal has many factors and many factors can make something complicated. Here is the answer to the question: why choose Nd:YAG tattoo removal over the other options. What is Nd:YAG anyway?

Nd:YAG laser tattoo removal simply means the service of tattoo removal completed with Nd:YAG laser technology. The Nd:YAG or neodymium-doped yttrium aluminum garnet laser produces a wavelength of light (1064 nm) that can be naturally doubled (532 nm). This combination of wavelengths is absorbed by 95% of ink colors. This means that 95% of ink colors can be treated with the laser for fading and removal of tattoos.

The chances of your tattoo fitting into the 95% of tattoo ink colors that can be treated are pretty great. Black, grey, and red tattoos all fit into this spectrum. Warm shades of ink in general apply to successful removal with an Nd:YAG laser. Some laser systems cannot treat red ink because they use a red light laser. Red light lasers – like an Alexandrite (755 nm) laser – are reflected from red ink, not absorbed. It is the absorption of ink that allows for tattoos to be faded and ultimately removed.

When the laser is fired at the skin, targeting the ink, the laser’s energy, or light, is absorbed by the targeted ink. The ink uses the energy to heat up and instantly shatter. It is this shattered ink that the body then flushes away, fading the tattoo from visibility. Of course, it does take several treatments for the tattoos to be completely removed.

For more information on our laser technology, why it produces the best tattoo removal in Appleton, and if you are a great candidate for laser tattoo removal – call us today. We offer free laser tattoo removal consultations. During each consultation we answer the question: why choose Nd:YAG tattoo removal.

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