The motivation for Americans to have certain tattoos removed comes from a variety of places, but it can all be lumped under the concept of “tattoo regret.” Most of us have something that we regret from the past – choices, our words, etc. – and for many of us that thing is, or is represented by, a tattoo. Sure most of these regretted and unwanted tattoos can be covered by clothing, but what about the tattoos that cannot?

Tattoos on the face, neck, hands, and lower arms have begun to be an issue for employees of many industries and specializations. Finding a job or being promoted in local police forces and national military branches when you have visible tattoos has been widely banned.

The United States Army has a tattoo policy enforcing standards for its military personnel’s appearance. Full sleeve tattoos on arms or legs are now against the rules, and visible tattoos enable the ability for a soldier to rise through the ranks.

If you are or think you might be affected by the regulations on visible tattoos, let Wisconsin Laser Center help you get rid of your visible ink. We offer the most affordable tattoo removal in Northeast Wisconsin and are conveniently located in Appleton. Every client receives a free consultation for their tattoo(s). We look forward to discussing your tattoo removal goals and helping you with the promotion you have been waiting for.

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