If you have a tattoo that you would like to remove completely or want to be able to fade it so that you can get a cover up, you can consider Wisconsin tattoo removal. This is a process that is both safe and effective, using state of the art equipment and cutting-edge technology to get you the results you need. Because there are risks involved, you need to know what can be done so that you can cut back on the potential for adverse side effects. These are some of the things that you should not do in the time before your tattoo removal treatment:

While it may be tempting, you need to limit your exposure to the sun and stay out of the tanning beds, as recently tanned skin can preclude the treatment for up to two weeks. If you are going to have to be out in the sun, you should be applying a sunscreen of at least 30 SPF both before and after your treatment.

Stay away from spray tans and never use any creams, lotions, makeup or different topical treatments on the day of your Wisconsin tattoo removal treatment.

If you are going to be on antibiotics, you need to reschedule your tattoo removal. It is best to wait about 14 days from your last dose of antibiotics. Always be up front about any of the medications that you are taking with your tattoo removal technicians.

It is important that you know that it is not possible to work on removing a brand-new tattoo. Any patient will have to wait until an undesirable new tattoo is healed fully before having it removed using professional treatments. By the same token, in the future, you will need to wait until the appropriate amount of healing time has passed before even thinking of getting a new tattoo to cover up the area where your tattoo was removed.

Stay clear of any of the tattoo removal creams that you may be tempted to try that are on the market today. These tattoo removal creams are not effective, and they can be very harmful to your skin with prolonged use. If you end up trying any of the creams that are available, you will have to wait for a minimum of eight weeks after the last application before you can have laser treatment done to remove the tattoo. The waiting period is mandatory to avoid any serious damage to your skin.

It is always going to be important that you are completely honest when it comes to having your tattoo removed, as the technician will need to understand any of the medications that you are taking, whether you have been exposed to the sun and any medical conditions, both past and present. During your initial consultation, you can go through any of the pertinent information, always answering as clearly and honestly as you can. Honesty here will give the technician the necessary points about your situation to allow for the best possible treatment of your tattoo.

There are multiple reasons why someone may want to have a tattoo removed, whether it was done poorly, it reminds them of an old relationship or another time in their life, or they want to have something different tattooed on in the same spot. Wisconsin laser tattoo removal will give you a highly effective treatment option that fosters incredible results with minimal side effects. While multiple treatments may be necessary, this is an outpatient procedure with little downtime; you will never have to deal with any incisions.

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