What is it like to have a tattoo removed? How long does it take? What does it feel like? Will the tattoo actually be completely gone?

These are common laser tattoo removal questions. Laser tattoo removal is a relatively new procedure compared to other aesthetic procedures (hair removal is tattoo removal’s grandparent), so it is normal and understandable that people are not familiar with the procedure and have many questions.


1) Make an appointment! Call, email, or schedule directly from our website.

2) Visit our Appleton laser center for your free consultation. During the consultation we will assess the tattoo(s) you wish to have treated and discuss this, the treatment process.

3) Decide to move forward with laser treatments for tattoo removal at Wisconsin Laser Center!

4) Have your first laser session. The treatment will take anywhere from five to fifteen minutes – depending on the size and colors of your unwanted tattoo.

5) Go home. Wait six to eight weeks, depending on what the laser specialist determined was appropriate for your skin tone. During this time you may have some sides effects like blistering, redness, and possibly scabbing. Don’t pop your blisters or pick your scabs.

6) Visit us for treatment number two.

7) Repeat steps five and six until your tattoo is completely removed.

To get this tattoo removal process started for yourself or a loved one, call Green Bay and Appleton’s best tattoo removal clinic, Wisconsin Laser Center, today!

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