Laser tattoo removal is a good idea for most people year-round, but there are a few folks who need to keep in mind that summertime means swimming, sun, and outdoor activities – things that are not ideal in the few days following a tattoo removal laser treatment.

Wisconsin Laser Center provides a list of treatment aftercare instructions to each client follow the first laser tattoo removal treatment session. These aftercare guidelines can be found here, are fairly in-depth, and include explicit suggestions to avoid swimming or soaking in the water and exposing the treated area to the sun.


Water of a bathtub, Jacuzzi, pool, pond, lake, river, ocean should be avoided until your treatment area is completely healed. This healing takes about four days for most people. This avoidance of water is important to reduce the risk of infection in the treated area, and to minimize that risk that any scabbing that exists is not softened and scraped away. Scabs that are removed, “accidentally” or otherwise, are prone to result in scarring on the skin.


The sun, as always, is healthy in moderation, but it is best to keep the treated area out of the sun to minimize the risk of pigmentation changes further evoked by sun exposure. The sun can be healing for those with hypopigmentation in the weeks following treatment, but those with hyperpigmentation should cover the treated area until the skin has normalized. However, regardless of how your skin reacted to treatment, the treated area should be protected from the sun in the days follow your session with our Appleton tattoo removal crew.


Similar to the water potentially causing a site infection, outdoor activities can increase the risk, too. Outdoor activities, sports, etc. do not always include the option for cleanliness, most importantly keeping the treated area clean and dry. Prolonged moisture can increase the risk of infection.

So, if you are considering a camping, beach, or adventure trip, but also want a tattoo treated for removal, we at Wisconsin Laser Center in Appleton suggest you postpone one of the two.

If you know you want to get started with your laser tattoo removal treatments now, give us a call and we will discuss what your timeline for tattoo removal will look like – summertime and all.

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