How a clinic and the individual patient (you) go about laser tattoo removal is very important to the process. It’s essential that you choose a clinic that follows the laser tattoo removal approach that makes sense to you. If you value quality food, you will not go to a drive-thru fast food restaurant, but if your focus is solely on saving time, the fast food drive-thru option may be right for you. Speeding through a laser tattoo removal process leads to less tattoo fading with each treatment and, very likely, damaged skin.

Wisconsin Laser Center focuses on treatment protocols that are exceptionally patient and skin friendly. There is no doubt that once you leave our Appleton tattoo removal clinic, you will be pleased with the flawless skin that remains where a tattoo once existed. Or, if you are interested in fading your tattoo, you will be pleased with the lightened tattoo and easy ability for your favorite tattoo artist to apply a cover up.

What about the patient? What does the individual with the tattoo need to do in their approach? First, have patience. The process of fully removing tattoos takes many months, at minimum (unless you’re one of the very luck few whose tattoos come off in just one treatment!) The next, and predominantly most important, thing to do as a laser tattoo removal patient is to take care of the treatment area!

When a tattoo is treated with the laser, the skin becomes red, inflamed, etc. This is a natural immune response by the body, but it does require special care be taken. Keep the area clean and covered for a few days, protect it from the sun, stay out of pools, lakes, etc., and everything will be good!

The laser tattoo removal approach to aftercare is essential for proper healing, and if not followed carefully can lead to a very big speed bump on the ink removal road.

If all of this sounds good to you, call us to day to set up a free consultation. During this few minute meeting the Appleton-based Wisconsin Laser Center team will lean about the ink, goals, and determine if you are a good candidate for our tattoo removal approach (most everyone is, don’t worry!)

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