The tattoo removal progress will look different for nearly every person and tattoo. Even two tattoos on the same person can fade and be removed differently. In this example we will look at a hybrid peace sign/sun tattoo that has had two treatments in its tattoo removal progress.

This all black tattoo is located on the back of a neck of a young woman. The neck area is very vascular with a lot of blood flow, so typically a tattoo’s removal progress is faster there than on the outer limbs. Here is a photo of the tattoo before the first laser tattoo removal treatment at Wisconsin Laser Center.



As you can see, the tattoo is dark black, but not necessarily vibrant. This is likely because of the aforementioned vascularity of the neck region. The ink has likely already faded a significant amount, naturally. This happens over time and is very evident in older tattoos, tattoos in areas of the body with high blood flow, or tattoos in active persons.

The following photo is reflective of the fading of of ink and overall tattoo removal progress after just one laser tattoo removal treatment. There is clear fading in the lighter portions of the tattoo – the places that were initially less dense with ink. This is very common as a tattoo fades. It makes sense. Where there is less to clean up, it is cleaned up faster.



In the final photo of this tattoo removal progress series there is even more fading. So much fading, in fact, that the outer portions of the design, the flare-like pieces around the peace sign, appear to be a shade of brown. This is not magically brown ink. Instead, this is simply a very faint layer and shade of black that is tinted by the upper layers of skin and melanin. Thus, more brown in appearance.



If you have questions about what your tattoo removal progress photos may look like, schedule your appointment at Appleton’s best tattoo removal clinic, Wisconsin Laser Center, today.

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