Again we look at the before, during, and after of laser tattoo removal – tattoo removal progress. We have seen previous case studies that show a single, smaller tattoo fading after multiple laser treatments. The team at Wisconsin Laser Center has never, however, shared the tattoo removal progress photos of a large tattoo or area with a lot of ink.

The tattoo in this case includes nearly every color of the rainbow, plus black. There is a large amount of black ink, accents of red, green, and highlights of light blue and deep yellow. This tattoo is is located directly on the patient’s stomach – a region of the body with ample blood flow. This core part of the body is often referred to as the trunk. Tattoos located on the trunk are prone to quicker – at least slightly quicker – removal because of the body’s ability to flush away the fractured ink particles in a more efficient, consistent manner.



The above photo depicts the tattoo before any laser treatments. The non-vibrant ink is simply a results of the inks age and the body’s natural process of removing ink from the skin naturally. Without a laser system speeding up the process, a tattoo may take several hundred years to remove. With a laser, the process can take place in a year or two.

The following photo is after four laser treatments. There is clearly a significant amount of fading with the black and red inks. The blue and green inks appear to stand out in an even more vibrant fashion, but this is due to the fading of the darker borders (there is now a higher contrast).



Finally, the below photo is clear of nearly all colors but the light, now bright, blue ink. This photo is just before the ninth treatment, after eight.


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