Laser tattoo removal is interesting. A laser penetrates the skin and gets rid of ink that is notoriously known to be permanent? I wouldn’t believe it either if I didn’t know it to be one hundred percent true. In fact, I’ve put together this blog to show you tattoo removal before and after treatment at Wisconsin Laser Center.

First, let’s start with this:

This tattoo is a great example of an unwanted tattoo before treatment and after just three laser tattoo removal treatments in Appleton. Wisconsin Laser Center knocks out tattoos like this because we’ve got just the technology to do it! Our laser has customizable settings (wavelengths) to target specific colors. In fact, Wisconsin Laser Center has THE ONLY tattoo removal laser in Appleton and the surround Fox Cities that can remove red ink.

Second, let’s take a look at this tattoo removal before and after:

Here’s another example of our laser tattoo removal. This clearly demonstrates the effectiveness of our tattoo removal service and the also – for the skin experts out there – the safety of it. Light energy, from the sun of a tattoo removal laser, interacts with the melanin in the skin (think: a sun tan). So, it’s very important for our certified laser specialists to consider the skin type of the patients before choosing the settings for the laser tattoo removal procedure.

In this example of “Jean” on a gentleman of skin type IV, we worked very conservatively to both effectively remove the tattoo and maintain the even skin tone present. Fun fact: this guy is a male model!

If you know of anyone in the Fox River Valley that is in need of the best tattoo removal in the area, refer them to Wisconsin Laser Center! We’re the tattoo removal experts. We’ve got the best technology, and our staff has seen thousands of tattoos. Call for a free consultation now.

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