Laser tattoo removal at Appleton’s #1 specialty clinic for removing tattoos, Wisconsin Laser Center, is simply the best in Northeast Wisconsin. We have a knowledgeable, courteous, and client-focused staff, excellent laser technology that keeps you safe and gives you results, and affordable pricing to help you remove those “permanent” memories from the past.

In fact, in case you did not know, tattoos do not have to permanent! That is the best part about Wisconsin Laser Center – we are able to make tattoos disappear. Our quality, modern technology and trained laser personnel combine to give you a laser tattoo removal experience that leaves flawless skin, as if no tattoo (or particular element you did not like) were ever there!

Call us today to schedule a free consultation or ask any lingering questions you may have. A consultation at our Appleton tattoo removal center will take just a few minutes, and we can begin treatment right away! Or you can think about it for a few days.

Tattoo laser removal appointments take about 15 minutes at the most. Some clients need just 5-10 minutes for their entire appointment, from start to finish.

Interested in laser tattoo removal? Call us today at (920) 882-0115.

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