As summer approaches, we tear off the sweaters, jackets, hats and gloves that come with the long, Wisconsin winter. The average temperatures start to get warmer, and we look forward to the warm, sunny glow of another wonderful, Wisconsin summer. We look forward to spending time outside doing a variety of things. Whether you prefer hiking, gardening, water activities or just taking in the fresh air, getting some sun is a great way to relax and enjoy the best that Wisconsin has to offer.

However, if you’re thinking about tattoo removal, you need to be extra careful in the sun. Sun exposure can be good or bad for Wisconsin tattoo removal, and there are certain things that you need to do in order to take care of your skin. These small steps can make your tattoo removal treatments more comfortable and effective.

When you have a tattoo removed, you receive a laser treatment on your skin. This treatment disrupts the skin, so it takes time to heal. It’s not a good idea to expose the skin to the sun right away. Instead, give the treated skin time to heal.

Once your skin heals after your Wisconsin tattoo removal treatment, you can get out and enjoy the sun. However, make sure that you use sunscreen on the spots that receive the treatment. This prevents damage, and it stops the sun from making the treatment less effective.

After the skin heals, the sun is actually good for the skin. It helps the tattoo ink fade, and it helps your skin grow in a healthy way. Using sunscreen helps the skin take in enough sun for benefits but not too much sun that it suffers damage.

Laser treatments can sometimes cause skin pigmentation issues that exposure to natural sun can help resolve. Exposure to the sun helps your body get back to its natural production of melanin. All of this helps restore the skin to its natural, happy and healthy state.

Before and after your Wisconsin tattoo removal, it’s important to balance sun exposure with care. You don’t want to get too much exposure to the sun and suffer a sunburn. This can be painful, and your tattoo removal professional can’t perform treatments on sunburned skin. In addition, treatments on heavily tanned skin aren’t as effective as treatment on naturally-pigmented skin. Before you have your tattoo removal treatments, try to keep your skin its natural color in the places that you want treated.

Enjoy the Wisconsin summer but be careful with your skin. If you’re having or even thinking about having tattoo removal treatments, taking care of your skin both before and after the procedure can make sure that your treatments are the most effective. A little bit of care can keep your skin happy and healthy.

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