Make tattoo removal your New Year’s resolution. Weight loss, exercise, better eating, and healthier habits or a healthier lifestyle, in general, are the overwhelming popular resolutions made for the new year. January 1st, however, is often the only day these things get executed, or worse, just thought about.

There is a New Year’s resolution out there that will last. Forever.

What is it you ask? Laser tattoo removal. One laser treatment will start your ink removal process. Two, three, four and more treatments will result in a tattoo that faded enough for a cover up or removed completely. Ink free skin! If removing a tattoo in Appleton is something you are looking for – Wisconsin Laser Center is the place to go. We are the Fox Cities’ best tattoo removal laser clinic.

Tattoo removal as a New Year’s resolution is an almost guarantee that you will not have that little something you do not want any more when the next year comes around. You can get about eight tattoo removal treatments in one year, and that number of treatments will allow for a great level of ink removal in the vast majority of individuals and for the majority of tattoos.

How We Help

Our laser system uses powerful Q-switched Nd:YAG technology to eliminate almost all ink colors with ease – and all treatments are guaranteed to be the safest in the Wisconsin. Call for a free consultation and make the most of your 2017 with laser tattoo removal at Wisconsin Laser Center.

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