Some people claim that removing tattoos with salt works, while others think that removing them with creams works. In reality, a tattoo is best removed with the help of a professional. In addition, a laser is the most effective method of removal. Here are a few, common questions about this procedure that is offered at Wisconsin Laser Center.

1. Should I use removal creams first?

A lot of companies sell tattoo removal creams and ointments that claim to work. However, the FDA has not approved the safety and efficiency of these products to the public. Laser treatments have been approved for general use in removing tattoos. Lasers are proven to work for various medical procedures; however, tattoo removal creams have less effective results.

2. How badly does the procedure hurt?

A common myth is that tattoo removal hurts. Everyone has a different tolerance to pain, but people who get tattoos in the first place may have an easier experience when getting it removed. Removing a tattoo with a laser is gentler and often compared to snapping a rubber band on your hand. In addition, we provide a Cooling System to reduce the discomfort, and we are the only clinic to do so in the area.

3. Do I need a specialist?

It’s recommended that you find a professional who specializes in laser tattoo removal. This ensures that you reduce the consequences of having a botched medical procedure. Look for a certified technician who has several years of experience. An inexperienced professional may use low-quality equipment that increases the risks.

4. Can you remove color tattoos?

Know if this procedure is designed to remove full spectrum color. At our clinic, we work with specialized PicoSure lasers that remove all colors. It’s easier for us to remove black and red inks than blue, green and purple inks that are harder to remove. Fortunately, our clinic has powerful lasers that remove tattoos in a short amount of time. We do not require you to complete a long series of follow-up treatments.

5. Do you provide free consultations?

At Wisconsin Laser Center, we provide free consultations to all clients. It is our responsibility to guide you through the entire process. We allow you to remove only the inks or colors that you want removed. In the end, pay what you can afford based on the customized treatment that you choose.

Like many people, you have many questions about laser tattoo removals. You want to know if the age of the tattoo matters, which inks can be removed and how painful the procedure is. Wisconsin Laser is the clinic that you visit to have all of your questions answered. Learn more about our laser tattoo removal services and call to schedule your free consultation.

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