So many people across Northeast Wisconsin and America alike do not even know that tattoo removal exists! We are here to tell you that it most definitely does exist and share proof that we do a great job with our laser, completely removing the tattoos from start to finish.

Wisconsin Laser Center is the only clinic in the Appleton area to specialize in removing tattoos you do not want anymore. Here is what tattoos look like before, during, and after tattoo removal laser treatments.

As you can see with the above series of photos, the tattoo is darkest before the first treatment. After the initial treatments, the tattoo fades as if it is being erased. Once all of the ink has been targeted and flushed away, you are left with inkless skin. In this photo you can see a shadow of where the tattoo used to be – this is simply pigmentation in the skin that evens out naturally in the weeks to come.

In the above laser treatment process you can see similar, steady fading until the tattoo is completely gone and no longer visible. Note, this tattoo has no uneven pigment remaining after a series of laser treatments. This photo, along with photos on our Before and After page, demonstrate how Wisconsin Laser Center can treat all skin types safely and successfully.

For more photos of our vanished tattoos, visit here. To schedule a free consultation to discuss your tattoo removal goals, call us today!

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