Tattoos are getting popular as time moves on. Some people are even replacing a traditional wedding ring with a tattoo ring. To say that this industry is growing is not too farfetched but so is the laser tattoo removal industry. The Harris Poll that came out in 2008 showed that 17 percent of people regretted tattooing themselves. Most of the people who regretted their tattoo blamed their immaturity, but there were others who did not like their tattoo because it faded. Of course, there was a small group of individuals who admitted they just did not like it any more.

The tattoo removal industry is a necessity, especially in Wisconsin and nearby cities. It is a pretty diverse industry since there are several solutions available. One popular option is the tattoo removal cream, but the problem with this solution is that it usually does not work too well. People who use the cream usually end up with a faded tattoo, which can look worse than the original art piece. Some turn to surgical removal, but this is a pretty scary option considering how invasive it is though it is an effective method for those who aren’t afraid of a simple surgery.

Still, it seems that the gold standard removing method is the laser tattoo removal option. This is the most popular option, and it has pretty much dominated the industry since its introduction. It does not require an invasive procedure, and it is an effective solution.


Laser tattoo removal uses laser energy to get rid of this troubling tattoo. The laser energy is shot on the tattooed area of a person’s skin at a specific wavelength to ensure safety and to get rid of the ink. The tattoo’s ink penetrates the skin over time, which is part of the reason it is so hard to remove. The energy shot into the area is meant to break ink particles apart so that the person’s body can absorb the ink and get rid of it through the body’s regular removal process. The removal process takes about six to eight weeks, which is around the time that an individual is due back to the laser tattoo removal specialist to undergo another session.

Yes, removing a tattoo is going to take some time, but this delicate process works with the body’s natural processes. Removing a tattoo is going to take around 15 laser tattoo removing sessions or until the tattoo is completely gone.

It is important to note that all lasers are not the same. Some come with changing wavelengths while others come with varying colors or pulsating features. These differences play a role in each laser’s ability to remove a tattoo. A colorful tattoo requires a laser that can control the wavelength and pulse duration. Those who want the best results with the safest laser will need to look for lasers with a short pulsating rate.

Keep in mind that the effectiveness of this procedure also depends on other things like the skin’s ability to absorb the ink once broken down, which means that the immune system needs to be working optimally. This process also depends on the person’s skin tone as well as the pigments that were used to create the tattoo.


The cost of getting a tattoo removed varies. A lot needs to be taken into consideration like the size of the tattoo. Still, the best way to figure out how much this process is going to cost is to determine how many laser sessions are going to be needed. The number of sessions needed depends on the colors used or the pigments used to make this tattoo, not to mention the specialist’s own experience.

The prices vary but, as a rule of thumb prices start at only $50 when you visit Wisconsin Laser Tattoo Removal.


There are some risks to discuss; for one, some inks could be so stubborn that they get darker instead of going away. Do not fret, this issue can be reversed but it will take a little longer.

Individuals with darker skin might see their skin lighten a bit during this process, but this should not last. Scarring is also possible, but the risk has gone down significantly as lasers continue to improve. Those who want to learn more should talk to a specialist to figure out what the next step should be.

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