Patients often ask what the most commonly removed tattoo is at Wisconsin Laser Center. While of course the exact details are confidential, it can absolutely be shared with readers that name tattoos and youthful designs are the most common tattoos removed.

Name tattoos are the type of tattoo most removed not only in Appleton, Wisconsin, or the United States, but the entire world. Our counterparts in Europe and South America also agree that more clients seek removal of name tattoos than any other one thing. The motivation for removing a name tattoo stems from many things – separation, loss, or even just personal growth. Clients at our Appleton clinic typically stress that they simply do not wish to see that person’s name on their body anymore.

Since there is not one common design that takes second place, we like to lump several items into a category of youthful symbols. Think, a flower, a heart, the Sun, a lightning bolt, and many more.

These symbols are usually sought to be removed when there had been a change in lifestyle, or the person with the tattoo does not like where it has been applied anymore. Regardless of what the tattoo is, Wisconsin Laser Center can assist you in fading it down for a new tattoo or removing it completely to give you a fresh start. We provide free consultations for every tattoo, so call us today!


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