Thank you to everyone who took the time to participate in the WIXX 101 bad tattoo contest sponsored by Wisconsin Laser Center. You all have voted on our winner and we want to give a big congratulations and see you soon for tattoo removal Carrie T. of Manawa, WI!

Carrie’s tattoo is a cover up of a cover up that is dense with ink and located on her left wrist. The tattoo is an all black multiple star design with a very thin, bright blue highlight-style outline.

Carrie will receive free laser tattoo removal until her tattoos is gone, compliments Wisconsin Laser Center, the leader in Appleton tattoo removal.

Because Carrie’s tattoo is a cover up – even more, a cover up of a cover up – the depth and density of the tattoo is likely much more intense than the average professionally applied tattoo. This means the tattoo removal process will likely require a few more treatments to effectively treat the multiple layers of ink.

The top layer of ink – predominantly black – is very dense, and will likely fade very progressively. As the black hearts fade with our custom laser tattoo removal settings, the tattoos beneath may begin to reappear.

Since the tattoo is on Carrie’s wrist, an extremity with more limited blood flow, the body’s ability to fade the tattoo is likely less rapid than if the tattoo were on the neck, chest, or back. However, it has proven very helpful for fading when the treated extremity is massaged to stimulate blood flow in the weeks following treatment.

If you have a tattoo that you would also like removed – call Wisconsin Laser Center today! Appointments are fast and available. We’re located just off the highway in Appleton and provide the best tattoo removal service for Oshkosh, Manawa, and all of Northeast Wisconsin.

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