Have you ever wondered why a laser is the best way to remove a tattoo? Allow us to explain.

Tattoo ink settles into the dermis layer (second layer) of skin, below the epidermis (outer layer). Because ink is not on the surface of the skin, something has to go into the skin to get rid of that ink. A scalpel is too invasive, a cream cannot reach the ink, and the light energy from a laser is just right!

Here’s why –

The laser energy is heavily concentrated and when fired is only dispersed, reflected, or absorbed. With the tattoo removal procedure, the goal is to have the targeted tattoo ink in the skin absorb all of the laser’s energy. When energy is absorbed – which happens in a fraction of a second – the ink particles shatter into fragments, allowing the body to remove them quickly. After several laser treatments with continued ink shattering and pigment fading, the tattoo will be removed completely leaving only clear, natural-looking skin. Still, keep in mind that not all lasers are created equal. 

Non-laser methods of tattoo removal do not perform as well or at all in comparison to a laser, and these methods include surgical removal, topical creams, or solution injections.

Surgical tattoo removal or excision is quite literally a surgery to remove the tattooed skin. This can happen in many ways, but in almost all cases leaves severe scarring where the tattoo used to be. Think: a surgical scar.

Tattoo removal creams are often talked about – for curiosity’s sake – and can occasionally be purchased at popular pharmacies, box stores, or ordered online. But no serious tattoo removal professional would recommend doing so. Tattoo removal creams are essentially bleaching creams that lighten the skin with consistent application and do not actually have any effect on the tattoo itself as it’s not physiologically possible.

Finally, many injection-based procedures to make a tattoo “go away” are available. These products for removing tattoos are done by tattoo removal professionals who inject saline and acid based solutions into the tattooed area with the goal of carrying the pigment away with the injected solution.

Appleton’s very own Wisconsin Laser Center is a state-of-the-art clinic that specializes in removing tattoos with laser technology… and success! Regardless of where your tattoo is, we want to help you get the clear, ink-free skin you are looking for. And the best part? Our safe, modern laser technology can do just that – leave your skin with flawless results. In fact, tattoo removal with a laser is the only way to effectively, permanently, and safely remove a tattoo.

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