Laser tattoo removal is growing in the United States and the options for the treatment are growing, too. Laser tattoo removal can be done with laser systems featuring short pulse durations – anything below about 30 nanoseconds is safe. The tattoo removal laser at Wisconsin Laser Center is just 6 nanoseconds.

A laser that produces something in an even shorter, in the picosecond range, is called a picosecond laser. What is the point of a shorter pulse duration, you ask? We are trying to figure that our ourselves. Companies claim that a shorter pulse duration yields more breaking up of the ink, but that’s not entirely (or at all) true. And further, that does not matter if the laser using picosecond pulse durations does not have the power to treat the ink until it is almost gone – which is the case for many of the picosecond lasers on the market, and one here in Appleton.

We at Wisconsin Laser Center have invested in a tattoo removal laser that will give effective, powerful results from first treatment to last. To read more about our nanosecond tattoo removal laser, how it compares to picosecond laser tattoo removal technology, and how we outperform in every category, check out our dedicate webpage on picosecond vs. nanosecond here.

To get started with a free consultation for Appleton laser tattoo removal, call us today at (920) 882-0115.

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