First, the fact that laser tattoo removal exists is not common knowledge for the majority of people in the USA. Therefore, even more people do not know the details of having an unwanted tattoo removed. For example, how often can a tattoo be treated?

Laser tattoo removal is a very unique procedure, but the demand for it is booming. Laser technology has innovated away from causing scars to leaving nothing but clear, flawless skin after tattoo removal. BUT, the body still takes its sweet time. What this means for laser tattoo removal is this: the wait time between laser tattoo removal sessions is consistent across the board – roughly six weeks.

This waiting time is set to yield the best removal results.

The laser tattoo removal process involves a breaking up of ink particles during treatment and the body’s flushing away of those shattered particles in the time between sessions. So, if you do not give the body time to flush away the ink, you will not see the results you want!

The body never stops removing the tattoo ink, and it even does so naturally, without laser treatment over the tattoo’s lifetime. Laser tattoo removal expedites the natural removal process. About six weeks is the ideal waiting time between laser treatments because that allows the treated area to heal while the immune system gets rid of the ink. Following the treatment aftercare instructions can help increase the rate of removal and keep your skin in the best condition possible.

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