…and why we do not believe in it.

At Wisconsin Laser Center we strive to give you the best tattoo removal results possible. This means we aim to remove your ink quickly and completely, and do so with as little negative side effects as possible. We want your skin to look as if a tattoo never existed once you have reached the clinical laser tattoo removal end point.

Because of these goals and high standards, we are not fans of the R20 tattoo removal method.

R20 is a form of accelerated tattoo removal that provides multiple treatments of the same tattoo in a single appointment. However, unlike traditional tattoo removal, the R20 appointments are much longer, typically an hour and a half (versus 15 minutes). This is because after the first laser pass the patient is required to wait 20 minutes until the second. After the second laser pass, they must wait an additional 20 minutes, and so on. This is a long, grueling process that has proven to be harsh on many skin types and limiting in ink color removal, based on the limited clinical studies conducted.

The biggest risk posed with R20 method of tattoo removal is within the skin: an elevated risk of permanent scarring and pigmentation changes.

The R20 method of tattoo removal is much more intense – four treatments in one… ouch – and the risk is not worth the claims of faster removal (on some patients).

We are Appleton’s leading laser tattoo removal provider and home to the nation’s leading tattoo removal device. We offer free consultations to all customers. Give us a call today!

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