When considering laser tattoo removal, it is most convenient to seek tattoo removal near you – in your neck of the woods, let’s say. For everyone in the Fox Cities, that convenient, “near me” spot is Wisconsin Laser Center in Appleton. Wisconsin Laser Center offers the best in tattoo removal services for all of the Fox River Valley, from Oshkosh to Green Bay.

There are only a few options for laser tattoo removal in NE Wisconsin and we are proud to have the newest technology in the area. Our Nd:YAG laser can treat nearly ever color tattoo – black and red included – and does so safely on every skin type. Light skin, dark skin, or light skin with a tan, we can remove your tattoo(s) with an average of five to ten treatments.

Treatments are quick – as little as a couple minutes – and can take place during our convenient hours of operation. Wisconsin Laser Center is the best tattoo removal in Appleton and beyond. For unbeatable treatment pricing and a free consultation, call us today or schedule using our online scheduler.

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