Removing tattoos is our specialty – you know that! We are Wisconsin Laser Center and tattoo removal is what we do. Do you need a tattoo faded or removed? Then look no further (and tell your friends). Wisconsin Laser Center is the leading laser tattoo removal provider in Northeast Wisconsin.

In fact, you’ve probably heard our radio promos on your hit music station, WIXX 101. All the DJs love Wisconsin Laser Center for removing old, new, and in between tattoos. We can treat dark color and light colors – small and large. But how do we do it? We use the best lasers in Northeast Wisconsin for starters! Our laser is powerful, versatile, and can be customized to just about any settings for optimal results.

How do we help people get rid of tattoos in Northeast Wisconsin? Well, we’re located just down the highway in the heart of Appleton. The Wisconsin Laser Center team is all local, friendly faces, and the clinic is locally owned, so you know you are in good hands. The team has been expertly trained on the how-to of laser tattoo removal and our protocols are customized to each client and technique is constantly innovating.

If you or someone you know in Northeast Wisconsin wants to have a tattoo treated for fading or removal, contact us by phone or web. We’ve got convenient appointments all week long, and we provide FREE consultations. What is a consultation, you ask? A tattoo removal consultation at Wisconsin Laser Center involves a one-on-one conversation with a member of our team. During this conversation we will assess the unwanted or unloved tattoo to determine if it is treatable (nearly all tattoos are – don’t worry!) We’ll also discuss treatment pricing, and, if you’re ready, we can begin treatment right away.

Our great technology, excellent service, knowledge, and treatment flexibility make Wisconsin Laser Center the best place for tattoo removal in Northeast Wisconsin.

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