A very common question asked during the tattoo removal process is: can I work out after my laser treatment?

While you can workout following the treatment, it is best to work out either before your appointment or to wait until the following day when the swelling of treatment has subsided. Exercising will not hurt the treated area, but the increase in blood flow may cause additional or prolonged swelling and possibly an increased risk in blistering, as a result.

Regardless of how quickly after the laser treatment you choose to exercise – a few hours or three days – be sure to gently cleanse the area and apply new healing ointment and bandages. This process may need to continue for up to a week following the laser treatment.

While planning or executing your workout routine, be aware of certain movements and exercises that may cause discomfort or pain to the tattoo removal site.  For example, if you have a lower back tattoo, choose an abdominal workout that does not require that your lower back rub or rock against a hard surface. Further, if you do experience scabbing or blistering, keep in mind to let the healing process run its course and do not pick scabs or violently pop blisters. Keep these areas protected as long as they exist so your skin can return to normal with out blemishes.

If you are a serious crossfitter or avid weightlifter, talk to the Wisconsin Laser Center tattoo removal specialist during your free consultation. Book your appointment today so you can soon workout without the unwanted ink!

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