Dear Appleton Tattoo Artists,

Laser tattoo removal is not the enemy. We are not anti-tattoo. In fact, we are here to help you do an even better job with your art. When you allow a laser professional to fade existing ink on a client, it allows you to be more versatile with the cover-up design and colors.

To clarify, tattoo removal doesn’t solely mean getting rid of the tattoo completely. The laser tattoo removal process consists of multiple treatments, each of which reduce the amount of ink present. This continual fading ultimately leads to completely removal (at quality clinics like Wisconsin Laser Center), but it is not necessary to continue treatments until the tattoo is completely gone. If a client is simply looking for a cover up tattoo, their personal clinical end point is the desired level of fading.

See, we help!

Tattoo artists all around the country have laser systems in their tattoo shops, but if you are in one of the Fox Cities, feel free to refer your patients to Wisconsin Laser Center. We will help your clients meet their fading and removal goals, so you can help them meet their tattoo goals – it’s a win-win with Wisconsin Laser Center.

We offer free consultations for every tattoo. Your clients can call us directly to book, email, or fill out the online appointment book. We mean it – we’re on the same team.


Wisconsin Laser Center, Appleton, WI

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