That’s right, next summer, not this summer. Laser tattoo removal is a not a one-and-done process. Multiple treatments are needed for laser tattoo removal, but if you start now, you can remove your tattoo by next summer!

Wisconsin Laser Center is Northeast Wisconsin’s leading laser tattoo removal clinic, and we have an open appointment for you. Give us a call at (920) 882-0115 to speak with a friendly, knowledgeable staff member to set up your free consultation. We provide a consultation to every one and every tattoo to discuss your tattoo removal and fading goals. Our laser technology is the best in the business, allowing us to be extremely precise when we remove your tattoo.

If you are looking to remove simply a piece of your unwanted tattoo – no problem. If you are interested in fading it enough for some cover up art – no problem. Our #1 laser tattoo removal service in Appleton is dedicated to you and what you need. So, come visit us now to remove your tattoo in time to be ink free by next summer!

Have you gone to the beach yet this year? If so, how did you think about that tattoo? What did other people think about that tattoo you are not crazy about? Get rid of it! Removing a tattoo at Wisconsin Laser Center is as easy as calling us today and making an appointment. Appointments are quick – maybe 15 minutes – and it will help you decide whether or not the tattoo removal laser process is right for you. Your meeting will cover the cost of laser tattoo removal, what to expect, and how quickly our laser experts think your tattoo can be removed – again, just in time to put on your swimming suit for an ink free summer of 2017!

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