People have always said that tattoos are permanent, but that doesn’t stop people from regretting them. There are many reasons to regret a tattoo, and we all know tattoos are no longer permanent. Laser tattoo removal is the solution to regretted or unwanted tattoos. The team at Wisconsin Laser Center offer the best tattoo removal in Appleton and beyond. But what kind of tattoos do people regret?


The timing of when someone chooses to get a tattoo is one of the greatest factors playing into the regret factor. A large percentage of the people interested in laser tattoo removal have stories of just when they had their tattoo put on. These stories often include the influence of alcohol and other mind inhibitors. When someone is intoxicated, the decision of not only what tattoo to get but also whether or not to get one at all comes into play. When the decision is made to get a tattoo under the influence, the chances of regret skyrocket – at least at some point in the person’s life.


The quality of a tattoo is another leading reason to regret a tattoo. Laser tattoo removal and fading for poor quality tattoos and poor artwork is common. Tattoos applied by improvised or homemade means are typically not as aesthetically appealing as professionally applied tattoos. When the tattoo is not ideal to start with, it becomes even less so as it naturally fades with time.

Similarly, if a person’s style has changes and the existing art is something less-than-desirable, that tattoo becomes something very regrettable. When a tattoo becomes a representation of the past, clients often seek to have them removed completely or faded for a cover up tattoo.

There are many more reasons to regret a tattoo, but these are the most popular motivators.

If you or someone you know can relate to any of the aforementioned reasons to regret a tattoo, call Wisconsin Laser Center for a free tattoo removal consultation!

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