Laser tattoo removal is a delicate process that demands adequate aftercare. In order to avoid unsightly wounds and unbearable pain, heed the following advice on post-tattoo removal care. It’s not uncommon for the skin to whiten, bruise, blister, and scab after the tattoo has been effaced. The latter, scabbing, can lead to cosmetic issues if irritated and picked at. It’s for this reason why it’s paramount to leave the wound alone until it’s taken its natural healing course. What’s more, it’s crucial to avoid sun exposure, salt water, and pool water while the healing is in its infancy. Should itching occur, Aquaphor and Vitamin E ointments are touted as the ultimate remedy.

Showers are permitted 24 hours post-tattoo removal, but it’s recommended to use low-pressure water. Submerging the treated area into warm and salty water is ill-advised and can lead to irreparable damage. Moreover, pain generally accompanies the 24-hour mark. Ibuprofen and Aspirin are known to cause bruising and other painful effects, which is why Tylenol is recommended for pain relief. During this time, it’s also helpful to keep the treated area elevated and iced. Doing so will help reduce both inflammation and pain. After three days, a sterile bandage will need to remain on the area. Also, ointment such as Aquaphor will aid in keeping the skin scab-free and devoid of sores.

If need be, a gentle washing can take place, but only mild soap and tepid water should be used because harsh chemicals and hot water can resurrect healed scabs and blisters. Once five days have transpired, gently massage the skin to expedite healing. Mild circular motions help the body absorb the broken up ink, making for a cleaner finished result. Keeping the treated area out of the sun is critical as the next few days unfold. In fact, experts recommend wearing SPF 25 for the next three months until the wound officially heals. This advice is intended to streamline post-tattoo removal procedures, so it’s wise to adhere to the suggestions above.

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