Tattoos are all around us. Over 45 million Americans have at least one tattoo, and that number is growing every single day. But what are the most common tattoos out there? Well, beyond the tribal bands, stars, and names one just about every body part you can imagine, the possibilities are endless. What is not endless though is the colors of ink used.

Tattoo ink colors are pretty normal with black ink being the most prevalent. With regard to laser tattoo removal, black ink is predominantly the easiest ink color to remove, too.

After black ink – and shades of it (think: gray) – red ink tattoos are the most common. Red ink is extremely easy to remove for lasers like Wisconsin Laser Center’s Duality, but literally impossible for lasers that only use the 755nm wavelength. The 755nm wavelength, produced by an Alexandrite laser, is red light. Because the laser beam is a red light, it is quickly and completely reflected by red ink, eliminating the ability for the ink to be destroyed, thus removed.

A friendly warning to all people of Appleton, Oshkosh, and Fond du Lac to Green Bay seeking laser tattoo removal – if you have red ink or ink that is any shade of red, do not waste your time paying for tattoo removal anywhere else than at Appleton’s own, locally owned an operated Wisconsin Laser Center.

Not only do we offer industry leading laser tattoo removal, but we do so with with technology that can easily and safely knock out you most common ink colors. AND we offer free consultations for every tattoo. If you are interested in your free consultation for laser tattoo removal in Appleton, call us today.

We have red ink laser tattoo removal.

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