Personal health and laser tattoo removal go hand in hand. As it is mentioned in nearly every blog, laser tattoo removal is successful when the proper technology meets good personal health. How does this happen? It’s important to note that laser tattoo removal technology is considered a medical equipment. Thus, tattoo removal is considered a medical procedure. When medicine is almost synonymous with health.

To remove a tattoo, the laser is a huge help. The laser simply expedites the natural process the body uses to rid the body of ink. In either scenario, the body does all of the “flushing away” or removal of ink. The ink particles are removed an excreted through the body’s natural immune processes, so if the body is in better shape, the process will happen more smoothly.

There are several minute ways to improve personal health and so the fading of your unwanted tattoo.

Drink plenty of water. Not just fluids – pop, coffee, and beer do not count! Water is to the body as oil is to your car’s engine. YOU operate better with ample, fresh water. Move around. The sedentary lifestyles of today make way for less-than-desirable blood flow. Blood flow helps every part of our bodies. Blood flow allows the systems of the body to operate as they are supposed to do. Massage the treatment area. This goes along with point two. If you have had a tattoo treated on a part of your body that is easily touched, massage it! This will increase surface blood flow and ultimately shorten the fading time. Any bit of blood flow helps.

During your initial free consultation, we will discuss the tips for more successful laser tattoo removal with you. This includes advising on the best to-dos and to get your personal health in the best condition for tattoo removal.

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