Laser tattoo removal at Wisconsin Laser Center is painless with our cold air skin numbing solution – the Zimmer Cryo 6. The Cryo is the method of patient comfort for laser tattoo removal clinics all around the world. The cold air chiller allows for treatment areas to be superficially numbed just using cold air!

The air of the Cryo 6 is -30 Centigrade, and can be applied before, during, and after the laser treatment for ultimate comfort. The cold blowing air of the Cryo does not interfere with the laser treatment in any way the way numbing creams or gels can if they’re not removed.

Further, Wisconsin Laser Center offers clients from Appleton, Oshkosh, and beyond the use of this device for FREE! Some clinics use injectable local anesthesia and charge you for it AND the tattoo removal session. Not at Appleton’s best clinic to remove a tattoo.

The Zimmer Cryo 6 is just one of our investments in a safe, effective, and painless laser tattoo removal service for you.

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