Continued from the first edition of Myths of Laser Tattoo Removal.


The laser used does not matter.

It so does matter. In fact, beyond the variables in your unwanted tattoo, the laser is the next important factor! There are huge differences in power, treatment versatility, and more.


Not all skin types can be treated with tattoo removal laser.

Well, this is true… for some lasers. But NOT for the laser at Wisconsin Laser Center. Our Nd:YAG tattoo removal laser uses two of the safest wavelengths for all shades of skin. Other lasers in town use an Alexandrite laser that should not/cannot be safely used on people darker than Fitzpatrick skin type III.


Tattoo are removed after just one treatment.

This is not true for more than 98% of people. Most tattoos require about eight treatments for complete removal. Some folks only need 2-3, while others need 10 or more. It is not common for tattoos be removed in one treatment, but if yours is – lucky you! You’ll never know unless you come in for a free consultation.


Using a laser for tattoo removal releases radiation into the body.

Not anymore than sitting in front of a computer reading about tattoo removal myths! The light energy of a tattoo removal laser in Appleton is like that of the sun, a light bulb, a TV, or any other daily encounter to light.


Anybody can have a tattoo removed.

This is why every potential tattoo removal clinic of Wisconsin Laser Center must undergo a consultation. Our laser specialists want to be sure you are free and clear to have a tattoo removal laser treatment. Some contraindications include pregnancy, terminal illness, or an active sunburn.

For more questions or concerns about laser tattoo removal and you, call us today. We are the Fox Cities’ laser tattoo removal experts, after all.

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