There are many people out there that are rocking their tattoos and creative ink. With so much ink out there it is time that people started considering the details of taking care of their skin with a tattoo. If you spend ample amounts of time outdoors in the sun, flashing your lovely tattoo, then you shouldn’t be confused. Tattoos burn just like the other skin on your body.

In this article, you will see just a few myths about skin care and tattoos as well as a few tips for caring for your tattoos better after you get them. Here is what you need to know.

No Increase

Believe it or not, tattoos do not increase your risk of contracting skin cancer. That is purely from overexposure to the sun, and its harmful rays that cause skin cancer, and tattoos cannot help or hurt your chances of getting the disease. However, when you first get your new ink, you need to be sure to give it the attention it needs to heal entirely. While it is healing, you should avoid sunscreen since your skin was traumatized to complete the tattoo. You need also to follow those instructions for care that the tattoo artist gave you.


There is a common myth circulating that you need a special sunscreen to protect your tattoo when you are out in the sun. However, this is simply a myth. All of your skin needs to be protected from the sun and not your tattoo. The harmful rays of the sun can cause sun damage and even skin cancer. The best sunscreen to use to protect your skin is in an SPF of 30 and even higher, and you should be applying the sunscreen in one to two-hour intervals. If you are worried about the health of your tattoo, you could opt for a sunscreen that has 8-percent of zinc oxide, which is an ingredient that helps reflect the sun as opposed to blocking it. You could even wear a thin layer of a cotton material to cover up your tattoo and skin.


Tattoos are going to fade, but they do not fade just from a few minutes of exposure to the sun. Tattoos fade after several years of constant exposure to the sun’s rays, tanning beds, and more. Constant sun exposure is also terrible for the health of your skin, which is where your sunscreen comes back into play. Sun exposure not only fades your tattoo, but it also damages your skin everywhere, and it ages it as well.

A Bonus

Monitoring your skin health can seem like a difficult task, but your dermatologist should be able to help you with that. However, if you plan on getting inked sometime soon, you need to remember this one tip. Avoid getting your tattoo anywhere close to a mole because it can make monitoring your skin health a difficult task for your dermatologist. This is why they suggest getting your tattoo away from any moles.


Getting a tattoo is not always what people think, and there are several misconceptions out there about getting and maintaining a tattoo. There is one thing that you should never forget, and that is that your skin is still your skin even with a tattoo on it. With this in mind, you still need to care for your skin by hydrating and applying sunscreen before going outdoors to prevent sun damage, skin cancer, and even fade your precious ink. Remember to avoid getting a tattoo next to a mole to ensure that you can keep track of your skin health.

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