The commitment of having laser tattoo removal to fully remove a tattoo is not a quick, few day long process. Laser tattoo removal is a commitment, and this blog explains the how and why surrounding the removal of a tattoo in Appleton and how it is a process that requires dedication and time.

First, how is there a commitment requirement for laser tattoo removal? It is because of the time it takes for the body to fade the ink and the amount of effort that must be put in in order to assist the body in that removal process. First, keep in mind that tattoos fade over time, regardless of any laser treatment. A newly applied tattoo or even one that is just a few years old does not look like ink that was applied two or several decades ago. This fading has to do with the body’s response to ink being in the skin, in general. Tattoo pigment or ink is a foreign property in the “eyes” of the immune system. So, as the immune system is made to do, it will try its best to remove that foreign substance or object.

With the help of a laser, the ink is broken up into smaller more manageable pieces for the immune system to remove. However, that removal process – which could take centuries with no laser aid involved. However, with a laser’s assistance, the process can take as little as a few months, but usually six to twenty-four months.

Why does this take so long? Well, the laser’s job is very quick. Literally seconds or a minutes – a fraction of the time it took to get the tattoo in the first place. It’s the body’s work – the flushing away or removal of the ink particles – that takes the time. It will not take centuries, but the body takes its time to get rid of ink. If your tattoo removal treatments are spaced one to two months apart, the body will remove the ink during that wait and for many months beyond.

If you have more questions about the tattoo removal process, please give the Wisconsin Laser Center team a call.

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