Removing a tattoo in Appleton should be a simple, safe process. That is why the team at Wisconsin Laser Center is expertly trained in treating unwanted tattoos of all colors, sizes, and varieties, and doing so from all types of skin. However, regardless of how skilled your laser tattoo removal technical may be (and how great of a laser is used), there is still a slight possibility for mild to moderate side effects.

Side effects of laser tattoo removal include blisters, scabs, mild swelling, and pigmentation change. Not everyone has all of these side effects! In fact, most tattoo removal patients only experience one or two of them throughout the entire course of tattoo removal treatments at our Appleton, WI laser clinic.

Laser tattoo removal is a light-based procedure, so blistering happens as a result of the pigment heating inside the dermis layer of skin. This energy exposure is safe to to the skin tissue, and allows the tattoo ink within the skin to be shattered and flushed away by the body – ala tattoo removal. Blistering is the most common of all side effects, but, again, not every experiences it. If you do not ever blister during your tattoo removal process, that is okay! Some people blister with every treatment, others blister in the final treatments, and some people do not ever blister with laser tattoo removal. Your body is different from everyone else’s body, so a different response is absolutely normal.

Swelling happens as a result of there being trauma or simply something happening to the skin/body. Swelling at the site of a tattoo removal treatment means that your body has recognized the treatment and has begun the healing process.

Pigmentation change in the skin can appear in the form of hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation. These skin pigment-level changes are an excess and a depletion, respectively. These pigmentation change are transitory, going away, typically, within a matter of weeks.

At Appleton’s best tattoo removal clinic, Wisconsin Laser Center, we have invested in the best laser technology for effective and SAFE laser treatments. Our laser minimizes negative side effects and maximizes ink removal – the perfect combination for quality laser tattoo removal procedure in Northeast Wisconsin.

For more questions or concerns about the side effects of laser tattoo removal, call us today. See you at Wisconsin Laser Center!

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