Here is a compilation of photos depicting the tattoo removal process. How does the tattoo fade? What are the end results? What if I only want a piece of my tattoo removed?

Tattoo removal in Appleton at Wisconsin Laser Center is the best, most professional tattoo fading and removal in the Fox Cities. Below is a collection of pictures demonstrating the tattoo removal process and what a faded or removed tattoo will look like… or not look like because it’s gone!

First, below, is a photo of a tattoo before treatments, after a few sessions, and then once the ink is completely gone.



The below image demonstrates partial tattoo removal – when just one part of the tattoo is removed, per the customer’s request. The laser technology at Wisconsin Laser Center is so precise we can remove parts as small as 3mm by 3mm.



Last, here is what the tattoo looks like during the laser treatment. The whitening that is visible is not the tattoo being removed before your eyes, but is moisture coming to the surface. The whitening goes away within a few hours.



To begin your laser tattoo removal in Appleton, call Wisconsin Laser Center today. Serving Oshkosh, Neenah, and all of the Fox Cities.

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