Quality laser tattoo removal is hard to find.

On the contrary. Wisconsin Laser Center offers a state-of-the-art laser tattoo removal treatment, right in the Fox Cities. The laser technicians at Wisconsin Laser Center are expertly trained, treatments are fully customizable, and our record of removal cannot be matched from Green Bay to Oshkosh.


You will be left with a scar.

When you receive tattoo removal from a reputable clinic and listen to the protocols they give you, scarring should not occur. Laser tattoo removal has come a long way since the early 1990s, and most modern day laser system purchased by trustworthy clinics will not cause scarring. However, each laser’s ability to successfully and completely remove tattoo ink is different.

Appleton’s Wisconsin Laser Center features modern, best-in-class technology that is safe on the skin, making it nearly impossible to leave a scar if proper aftercare is followed.


Tattoos cannot be fully removed.

Between 90% and 95% of tattoos can be removed. This takes into consideration the ink color, what the ink is made out of, and the patient’s overall health. A quality laser will be able to remove an even great amount than 95%.

Removing a tattoo until no ink is visible to the eye is a very attainable goal at Wisconsin Laser Center. Or, if you wish to simply have your tattoo faded for cover up art, we can stop the removal process at any point so you have a lighter canvas on which your favorite tattoo artist can work.


Laser treatment take a lot of time.

Each laser tattoo removal treatment will take no more than 15 minutes of laser work, and that is for a BIG tattoo. Treating a tattoo the size of a quarter would just about 10 seconds and treating something the size of an entire forearm may take up to 15 minutes, depending on the colors involved.

During your free tattoo removal consultation we will discuss the treatment process and determine just how long the tattoo will take to treat, but rest assured it is a A LOT less time than it took to get the tattoo in the first place.


Other methods of tattoo removal are just as good.

There is no other way to remove tattoos as safely, effectively, and with less negative side effects than laser tattoo removal.

Tattoo removal creams are false advertisements of fading tattoos – most of them are simply bleaching creams that cause the skin to whiten, “lightening” the tattoo. Surgery or excision is a strenuous process that entails cutting out the tattoo from the skin. (Scarring is pretty much a guarantee with surgical removal.) Injections and tattoo removal solutions simply inject acids and heavily concentrated saline into the body to magically “lift away” the ink… through the skin… that has been opened by needles.

Laser tattoo removal is precise and the technology is designed specifically to target and naturally destroy ink, ultimately removing your tattoo.

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