Does the color of the ink matter in laser tattoo removal? Short answer: yes.

When removing tattoos, traditionally, black ink is the easiest color to treat. However, if you have a darker skin type, this removal is more complicated with certain lasers. NOT our laser, but others. We have technology that can knock out tattoos of over 95% of ink colors – the most common colors of black and red included – and it does so with industry-leading safety on all skin types.

One of the most important laser specifications is what kind of laser it is. Tattoo removal lasers need to be Q-switched, and from there three options exist – Nd:YAG, ruby, and alexandrite. We’ve got an Nd:YAG laser, it’s the most well-rounded technology. It gives us the ability to remove almost all ink colors, plus it’s safe. That is exactly what you want in a tattoo removal treatment.

But what colors are the most common?

Black ink. More than 85% of tattoos are made up of black ink, most of those solely black ink. Next, red ink or shades of red. Nearly one quarter of all tattoos have some element of red ink in them, whether an accent or filled in shading. Finally, a handful of tattoos contain blue or green inks.

The laser tattoo removal ink color does matter for tattoo removal, but at Wisconsin Laser Center, we can take care of you. We will set your expectations for the ink colors that you have and our ability to remove them.

Do you have any questions about the procedure? Let us know! Our team of trained, experienced tattoo removal clinicians is ready to answer your questions about Appleton laser tattoo removal, ink colors, and more. Or, if you are ready for your free consultation, book today and get your tattoo removal process started before the end of summer.

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