The idea of a tattoo being removed might be new to you. You might only know about laser tattoo removal – a little bit at that. Well, this may come as even more of a surprise, but there is more than one way to get rid of a tattoo; more than just a laser.

That said, there might be other ways to remove a tattoo, but these other tattoo removal methods are not nearly as safe and effective.

One of the few “solutions” to an unwanted tattoo include excision, or, the surgical removal of a tattoo. Excision involves literally cutting a tattoo out of the skin. If you can imagine, this more often than not leaves permanent scarring, occasionally causes problems, and does not always mean all the ink is removed. All to often patients who undergo tattoo excision are left with a partial tattoo and a really big scar. What’s the point?

Another method of removing a tattoo is called salabrasion. Salabrasion tattoo removal is a lengthy and gruesome process that uses a salt solution that is aggressively rubbed on the skin. Forms of this method of tattoo removal have been around for thousands of yeas and date back to ancient Greece.

Other tattoo removal treatments exist that use various injectable solutions to obliterate the skin from the inside out and take the ink away with it. If you are curious as to what this acid or saline injection tattoo removal process looks like, go visit Google.

For a quick, comfortable, and modern take on tattoo removal – laser tattoo removal – visit Wisconsin Laser Center in Appleton.

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