The effects of laser tattoo removal can be maximized, thus sped up, by a few things you can do. Each of these action items involve improved overall health initiatives which is obviously great beyond just the tattoo fading and removal efforts.  Here are a few tips on how to speed up tattoo removal.

Tattoos are removed from the body after a laser shatters the ink particles. It is the body’s lymphatic system that responds to this breaking down of ink and flushes the broken particles away. The immune system operates more effectively and efficiently when the body is well hydrated. So, drink a lot of water. If you consciously drink plenty of water during the weeks and months of laser tattoo removal, your body will do a better, speedier job flushing away the ink.

Along with a nicely hydrated body, it is important that the other liquid inside us all – blood – is moving well. Blood flow is essential to many processes of the body and removing tattoo ink from the skin is no different.

General exercise will improve the function of the lymphatic system, increasing the body’s ability to get rid of ink. For example, someone training for a half marathon will have faster tattoo fading than someone with a sedentary lifestyle.

Finally, and of course easier, blood flow can increase by simply rubbing or massaging the treated area. If the tattoo being treated is on a limb, you can easily massage it while sitting at work, in the car, etc. This, along with exercise, relate to the body’s ability to remove tattoos more easily his highly vascular area parts, like the neck.

Speeding up your tattoo removal – getting to ink free skin faster may not be a priority to you, but if you (or a friend) do want to know how to speed up tattoo removal, let this article be a good starting place.

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