When you get a tattoo from a tattoo artist or something homemade, the needle or object used to inject the ink punctures the epidermis, the top layer of skin, and moves into the dermis, the second layer of skin. The ink is supposed to be placed into the dermis layer, but occasionally the person putting on the tattoo uses too much pressure and goes into an even deeper layer of skin, the hypodermis.  This excessively deep application is problematic because it almost always leads to scarring.

Tattoos, when applied at an appropriate depth, take 1-2 weeks to heal. The surface may heal faster than the layers beneath it, so an extra few days may be needed for healing. Just talk to us about it if you’re in doubt.

Not only does the fresh tattoo need to be fully healed at all layers – baring in mind that the hypodermis may have been penetrated – the laser tattoo removal may be a lengthier process if the tattoo is extremely deep. Tattoos that have been applied fully or partially in the deepest layer of skin with scar tissue developed will be much more difficult to remove as the energy of Q-switched tattoo removal lasers cannot move through scar tissue.

So, how quickly can a tattoo be removed after application? Laser treatments can usually begin in one to two weeks. Treatments need to be spaced six to eight weeks apart, and the number of treatments is variable based on many factors.

To have your tattoo removed in Northeast Wisconsin, call the best in the business, Wisconsin Laser Center in Appleton.

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