When it comes to getting rid of ink it doesn’t matter what the tattoo represents. Is it a name, symbol, drawing? It doesn’t matter, the laser works to remove tattoos of all shapes and sizes. However, given the time of year, let’s discuss holiday themed and red tattoos and how they can be easily removed at Wisconsin Laser Center in Appleton.The Fox River Valley’s very own Wisconsin Laser Center is the best in the region for removing tattoos of all kinds, especially holiday themed tattoos. Since that is a bit specific, allow me to explain why. First, it is nearly impossible to get through a December without seeing the color red in abundance. Further, one would be hard pressed to make it to December without being overwhelmed with fall colors of yellow, orange, and brown. (With so much red in December we will have forgotten the red of fall.)

Good thing red ink and the ironically warm colors of fall are quit literally perfect for the Astanza laser technology at the Wisconsin Laser Center Appleton office. The laser we have invested is designed specifically with a green wavelength of light so that it precisely targets red ink, shades of red, and members of the red family. No other laser system in Appleton can do this. Our technology is Nd:YAG and the 532nm wavelength knocks out these red and red-related colors.Moreover, laser aside, the staff at Wisconsin Laser Center is happy and eager to remove your holiday themed or red ink tattoos. Our free consultation policy makes the process of having a tattoo removal discussion very easy and, quite literally, something of no obligation. Once a prospective patient has finished up the consultation and decided to proceed with the tattoo removal experience at Appleton’s best tattoo removal clinic, we are currently offering $100 treatments per session for tattoos of any size. What a deal – don’t miss it. Set up your appointment through the link on this page or give us a call.

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