Let’s talk about having a tattoo removed. Many people do not even know that removing a tattoo is possible. After all, “tattoos are permanent,” or at least that is what parents and other authority figures say!

Laser tattoo removal is a niche, but very prevalent industry. In the last two decades, laser technology has taken tattoo removal from something that left people with scars to something that can leave people with ink free, flawless skin when the right laser is used. At Wisconsin Laser Center in Appleton, we have the right laser!

Laser tattoo removal near Oshkosh, Appleton, and Neenah is better than ever with Wisconsin Laser Center’s best-in-class Astanza Duality laser technology and expertly trained laser specialists. Having a tattoo removed is no longer a question of should I have my tattoo removed, but when is the soonest I can get my tattoo removed?

We offer free consultations to every interested clients and discount pricing for treatment packages. Several treatments are needed to remove a tattoo, so our packages of three and five are a perfect way to save money – up to 20%!

Interested in having a tattoo removed in Appleton? Call us today for more information and to set up your free consultation.

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