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Deals come in all shapes and sizes, just like tattoos. There are tiny tattoos the size of a pencil eraser and full sleeve tattoos or back pieces. While the tattoos can take several hours, even days to apply, the deals for tattoo removal can happen instantly at Wisconsin Laser Center.

Laser tattoo removal is sweeping the nation and has become one of the most sought after aesthetic procedures over the last two years. Wisconsin Laser Center has not only brought an exceptional laser tattoo removal service to Appleton and the Fox Cities, but has done so with affordability for the patient in mind!

Tattoo removal at Wisconsin Laser Center starts at just $99 per session, but the tattoo removal deals do not stop there. Treatment pricing is, of course, important to the decision making process, but we do not want money to stop you from keeping an unwanted tattoo. So, we have developed a pricingschedule that is categorized by tattoo sized – extra small, small, medium, large, and extra large.

With each size category treatment packages are offered for big savings – up to 20%.

We will discuss pricing during a free consultation visit, so you literally have nothing to lose but a few minutes with our laser tattoo removal specialist.

For more details about the tattoo removal deals at Wisconsin Laser Center, call us today!

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People have always said that tattoos are permanent, but that doesn’t stop people from regretting them. There are many reasons to regret a tattoo, and we all know tattoos are no longer permanent.


Laser tattoo removal is a delicate process that demands adequate aftercare. In order to avoid unsightly wounds and unbearable pain, heed the following advice on post-tattoo removal care.