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The calendars have changed to 2017 and we have a new year and new pricing for laser tattoo removal at Wisconsin Laser Center. While we are still the most affordable tattoo removal in Northeast Wisconsin, our pricing structure is changing a bit.

We are providing the sme per-treatment style pricing as we did in 2016, but this time we offer even lower pricing options. For example, if you have one tattoo, the laser treatment in Appleton price is $125. If you have two tattoos – one large and one small – the price per session is $175. The prices move up conservatively and incrementally from there.

The best part for some of our clients is the our new special on “wedding ring” tattoos. These small, single finger bands can be treated for just $50 per session or $300 to completion (a serious steal.)

Also, 2017 is all about the PACKAGE OF 3! PACKAGE OF 3! PACKAGE OF 3! Our new package pricing gives discounts up to 21%, as little as $148.50 for a package of three treatment sessions on a small* tattoo.

*Smaller than a 50 cent piece

And last but not least, for our clients that may have resistant inks tattoos and experience a tough laser tattoo removal removal process, all treatments after the 10th treatment are 1/2 price!

To take take advantage of these new special prices for laser tattoo removal in Appleton, call us today. Or, to move forward now and take advantage of our new year, new pricing, schedule your free consultation using the online scheduler on this page. All treatments at Wisconsin Laser Center are performed by expert Certified Laser Specialists. Wisconsin Laser Center is locally owned and operated. A Zimmer Cryo 6 cold air chiller is used for comfort during each treatment. Treatment sessions are fifteen minutes or less for the majority of tattoos.

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People have always said that tattoos are permanent, but that doesn’t stop people from regretting them. There are many reasons to regret a tattoo, and we all know tattoos are no longer permanent.


Laser tattoo removal is a delicate process that demands adequate aftercare. In order to avoid unsightly wounds and unbearable pain, heed the following advice on post-tattoo removal care.