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If you have had tattoo removal before, you know that aftercare is of utmost importance. Just as important is proper preparation. Follow these tips before your laser appointment for the best results.

Avoid Sunlight, Tanning Booths and Spray Tans
Wear sunscreen when outside and avoid any type of activity that will darken your skin in the weeks prior to the procedure. While darker skin looks great, you can end up with hypo-pigmentation and have a greater risk of infection.

Be Honest About Your Medications
if you have been ill recently and have taken antibiotics, wait at least 14 days before starting a laser removal procedure. Other medicines can also have negative side effects when undergoing laser treatments, so tell your technicians about all medications. Even taking aspirin and ibuprofen can cause bruising following treatment.

If You Smoke, Quit
If you are a smoker, try to quit at least six weeks before treatment. Smoking reduces your chances of healing well from any type of procedure.

Topical Removal Creams? Absolutely Not!
If you think you’ll help ease your technician’s job by using them, think again. You can actually harm your skin. You’ll also have to wait another six weeks following the last usage.

Speaking of Waiting Six Weeks
If you immediately regret getting your tattoo, you can’t come in the next day to have it removed. Six weeks is also the amount of time you’ll have to wait after getting fresh ink to start the Wisconsin tattoo removal process.

Make Sure You Eat and Drink Fluids
Don’t arrive for your appointment on an empty stomach as some clients become light-headed during the laser removal process. Eat at least a snack or, better yet, have a light meal. Make sure you have also had plenty of water.

Wear Loose Clothing
Don’t wear tight clothing over the area to be treated as tight clothes can cause irritation following the procedure.

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People have always said that tattoos are permanent, but that doesn’t stop people from regretting them. There are many reasons to regret a tattoo, and we all know tattoos are no longer permanent.


Laser tattoo removal is a delicate process that demands adequate aftercare. In order to avoid unsightly wounds and unbearable pain, heed the following advice on post-tattoo removal care.